Fruits Basket (Manga) Vol. 23 (Final)

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
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In Stores February 10 2008 (Availability: Ready to ship)

The heart-stirring drama of the twelve zodiacs draws to its final conclusion! The curse has been lifted, and the Sohmas now finds themselves displaced in a world of ‘strangers’ where they must learn to create new bonds in family and in love. Even as Akito’s announcement will come as a surprise to some, for Tohru and her friends, there is renewed faith and determination to keep moving forward. Their journey has come full-circle, and the future is filled with possibilities. The party’s just beginning, and everybody’s invited!

Release Details

Rating To Be Confirmed
Series Information:Contains 1 episodes
Release Date: 10/02/2008
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Graphic Novel
Barcode: 9789812699008
Catalogue Number: HA51023
Copyright: © Natsuki Takaya / HAKUSENSHA, INC., Tokyo

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