Genre: Drama
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A film by Carl Theodor Dreyer

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Based on the 1906 play by Swedish dramatist Hjalmar Söderberg, Danish auteur Carl Theodor Dreyer’s final film, Gertrud, follows the vicissitudes of Gertrud Kanning, a former opera singer married to a prominent politician. But in Gertrud’s rarefied world of arts and letters, her marriage does not live up to her ideal of love; she leaves... More »

Release Details

Mature themes
Release Date: 20/02/2008
Languages: Danish
Subtitles: English
Number of Discs: 1
Runtime: 152.0 mins
Format: DVD
Barcode: 9322225061484
Catalogue Number: MMA2700

DVD Special Features

  • ? All new restored print
  • ? Audio commentary by Adrian Martin, Senior Research Fellow, Film & Television Studies, Monash University and Co-editor of Rouge Magazine
  • ? THEY CAUGHT THE FERRY a short film by Carl Theodore Dreyer
  • ? Interviews with Baard Owe and Axel Str?bye

Critical Response

" of the most purely cinematic discourses of the 1960s." TIME OUT NEW YORK
/"Dreyer's last film is arguably his most experimental, with long takes of conversations between people not looking at each other on the various divans of Gertrud's lovers." REEL.COM
"Dreyer's swan song is a beautiful, meditative and haunting masterwork." ROTTEN TOMATOES

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