Company Profile

Madman is a leading independent entertainment distribution and rights management company.

Madman specialises in wholesale distribution of video and DVD movies into retail and rental stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. Other rights management activities undertaken by Madman include theatrical distribution as well as licensing for Television, VOD, Hotel, Airline and Merchandise.

Highly vertically integrated, Madman's operations include one of Australia's leading DVD production studios and a commercial printing operation who are well reputed for their innovative, high quality packaging.

Madman is strongly niche focused and driven by staff who are as passionate about our products as our buying customers. We are Australia's leading distributor of Anime (Japanese Animation), Australian and Global Independent film, Asian Cinema, Bollywood, Action Sports and other special interest genres.

'Educating and Informing' store destinations has become a mantra for our committed sales team; while our marketing team focuses on promoting our brands and products to growing communities of loyal customers using innovative grass roots methods.

Company Information

Madman is managed by founders and directors Tim Anderson and Paul Wiegard. Paul and Tim share management duties within the organisation as joint Managing Directors and both are active in sourcing and signing product for the company. They have recently been jointly selected as winners for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Southern Region.

Madman currently employs around 130 staff across all departments and turns over approximately $50 million in sales annually.


  • Leading Edge Music 2010 - DVD Supplier of the Year
  • Video Ezy 2010 - Best Distributor Growth
  • AVSDA 2010 - Best Marketing Campaign for Australian Film Title of the Year
  • AVSDA 2010 - Retail Title of the Year - Independent Distributor
  • AVSDA 2010 - Best Marketing Campaign for Catalogue Campaign of the Year
  • Encore Awards 2010 - Distributor of the Year
  • AHEDA 2010 - Rental Title of the Year - Independent Distributor

Madman Facilities

Madman is a highly vertically integrated and technically advanced company. Alongside our rights management, sales, marketing and distribution operation, Madman also operates its own DVD production and design studio, as well as a leading commercial printing operation and DVD assembly facility.

Madman Interactive

Recognising the potential for the DVD medium and having a strong technically minded team, in August 2000 a new division called Madman Interactive was created to design and author DVDs. Since this time, Madman Interactive has produced over 1500 commercial release DVDs, has won several industry awards and has become the most prolific DVD production studio in Australia.

Madman Interactive services have been utilised by local major and independent distributors including Paramount, Fox, DEJ, Palace, Imagine, Umbrella and more.

Madman's skilled production division creates all packaging, advertising, TV commercials, catalogues, posters and other promotional and point of sale items to support the sales and distribution activities of the company.

In addition, Madman Interactive has made and released several of its own productions and regularly works with local filmmakers in production of DVD extras.

Our IT team has developed a sophisticated intranet to manage product data and production processes internally, along with a highly functional web presence, supporting thriving on-line fan communities and staying abreast of on-line content delivery technologies.

Madman Printing

Madman Printing was formed in 2003 in order to provide the high quality packaging required to differentiate Madman product in a competitive DVD market. Madman Printing has since become an industry leader in releasing collectable box sets and other innovative product packaging, as well as providing its services to numerous third party clients.

In addition to printing, Madman has recently set up a DVD assembly facility capable of packaging around 6 million DVDs per year. Madman's decision to invest into DVD assembly was based on savings in cost, warehouse space and better management of input components and "just in time" fulfillment processes.

Madman Distribution

Madman's wholly owned distribution operation, The Madman Distribution, serves to distribute our DVD and video products into rental and retail channels nationally. It provides 4,000 square metres of warehouse, long span shelving, bulk pallet storage and motorised conveyor systems to ensure rapid and efficient flow through our operation, from arrival of manufactured stock to dispatch. Enterprise Resource Planning software manages and tracks inventory utilising computer location systems, while RF handheld scanning devices operated by our warehouse staff ensure accuracy of dispatched orders.

Madman Distribution also offers its distribution services to several other smaller independent companies, including Via Vision, Aztec International and IDT Entertainment.

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